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Biofeedback Exam

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Welcome to the Biofeedback Exam! The exam questions are taken directly from the training presentation. The exam questions should be answered while the training program is playing. The questions are given in the order that the material is presented, with the module topic listed at the top of each question. The length of this course while taking the exam is approximately ten hours. The exam needs to be completed within 25 hours of the time that it is started. Do not start the exam unless you can complete the ten hour course within the next 25 hours. The test is comprised of 180 true/false questions. A grade of 75% or higher is required for passage. Should your results fall below 75%, you will be given up to two retakes to pass the exam. To purchase the examination, click the Add to Cart button on this page. Once you have purchased the exam, you will receive an email which includes the exam link. This email will be sent to you via a manual process, which may delay the receipt of the exam by one hour or until 9:00 am Pacific time for orders received before business hours.