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Our Quantum Biofeedback Certification Training Program is one of the most comprehensive certification training programs available.

Here's an overview of our  biofeedback certification training program:

Online Certification Procedures

STEP 1: Coaching Course

The Online Coaching Course is designed to guide the biofeedback practitioner through client communications and practices. This course meets the coaching training requirement for becoming a Certified Biofeedback Specialist and is recommended to be reviewed while taking the Beginners course and Advanced course.

Course Fee: $249
Exam Fee: $50

STEP 2: Beginners Course

This course is designed to immerse novice quantum biofeedback device users with hands-on practical training for utilizing their biofeedback device and its Clasp64/Eductor64 software. This course is very easy to follow, as we have laid out the groundwork for you in the simplest format possible. This course consists of a basic navigation manual, 26 video training modules, beginners course training manual and five homework supplements.

Course Fee: $699
Exam Fee: $50

STEP 3: Biofeedback Course

This is a ten-hour online lecture of the science and history of biofeedback and it consists of 18 video modules and a 614 page course manual. This course is theoretical and does not require a biofeedback device. All of our courses meet the requirement for obtaining a CBT (Certified Biofeedback Technician) or a CBS (Certified Biofeedback Specialist) through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences.

Course Fee: $249
Exam Fee: $50

STEP 4: Biofeedback Technician Application

Upon completion of the of the Coaching Course, Beginners Course and Biofeedback Course, each student is given the opportunity to become a Certified Biofeedback Technician (CBT), which is accredited through the Board of Advanced Natural Health Sciences. The fee for the CBT certification is $149 and the annual renewal fee is $59 all made payable to BANHS. See www.banhs.org (Applications/Biofeedback Certification) for details. The CBT will allow you to apply for professional liability insurance. The benefit of becoming a Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS) after obtaining a CBT is that you can be an independent practitioner as a CBS.

STEP 5: Liability Insurance

The CBT will allow you to apply for professional liability coverage through a qualified insurance company. See www.banhs.org for details.

STEP 6: Anatomy & Physiology Course

You must take this course or the equivalent (as documented by transcript or license) as a prerequisite to the Advanced Course, as well as being required for Certified Biofeedback Specialist status. This is a home study course and it includes a 520 page textbook. Completion of the course requires that you take and pass the Anatomy & Physiology online exam.

Course Fee: $249
Exam Fee: $50

STEP 7: Advanced Course

This course covers advanced biofeedback topics for a deeper understanding of the Clasp32/Eductor64 software program. This class should be taken contemporaneously with the Competency Hours and Coaching Course. This course consists of 15 video training modules, a 498 page course training manual and five homework supplements.

Course Fee: $799

STEP 8: Competency Hours (300 Hours Practicum)

Candidates for certification as a Certified Biofeedback Specialist with the BANHS must complete a 300 Hour Practicum on their biofeedback device to become skilled at navigation. We will not call these “supervised hours” but rather “skill development/competency practicum hours. Any such development time incurred in a clinical or professional setting while under the approved supervision of a CBS shall be counted as double time. Such supervisory approval may be authorized only by BANHS. The memorialization of hours needs to include the date and hours for each activity and list a client code name or number and short description of the activity.

STEP 9: Biofeedback Specialist Application

Completion of the previously listed courses and competency hours satisfies the requirements for designation as a Certified Biofeedback Specialist (CBS). The fee for the CBS certification is $179 and the annual renewal fee is $79. See http://banhs.org (Applications/Biofeedback Certification) for details.


Coaching Course Overview:

Module 01: Overview of the Coaching, Consent and Compliance Course
Module 02: Legal Language & The Law Regarding Biofeedback
Module 03: Compliance
Module 04: Informed Consent and Professional Ethics
Module 05: Basic Coaching and Communication Skills
Module 06: Awareness and Self Evaluation Measures
Module 07: Vision and Mission Statement

Beginners Course Overview:

Chapter 01: Energy Medicine
Chapter 02: Preparation, Demographics and Calibration Training Program
Chapter 03: Testing Procedures Training Program
Chapter 04: Short Sarcode Feedback Rx Training Program
Chapter 05: Test Matrix Information Training Program
Chapter 06: Risks & Procedures Training Program
Chapter 07: Nutrition Training Program
Chapter 08: Therapy Panel Training Program
Chapter 09: Auto Meridian Training Program
Chapter 10: Auto Frequency Training Program
Chapter 11: Auto Color Training Program
Chapter 12: Auto Scalar Training Program
Chapter 13: Auto Trivector Training Program
Chapter 14: Spinal Muscluar Re-education, Sarcode Feedback Training Program
Chapter 15: Cybernetic Feedback, Music and Superlearning Training Program
Chapter 16: Homotoxicology Training Program
Chapter 17: NLP Emotional Growth Training Program
Chapter 18: Electro Physiological Oscillation Freq Training Program
Chapter 19: Body Scan and Face Therapy Training Program
Chapter 20: Creating a Healing Environment Training Program
Chapter 21: Biofeedback Training Program
Chapter 22: Disease Dictionary Training Program
Chapter 23: Body Viewer & Iridology Training Program
Chapter 24: Nelson Medicine Training Programs
Chapter 25: Closing Procedures Training Program

Biofeedback Course Overview:

Module 01: Certification
Module 02: Biofeedback Definitions
Module 03: History of Biofeedback
Module 04: Stress Origins and Models
Module 05: Electricity
Module 06: Psychophysiology
Module 07: Relaxation
Module 08: Musculoskeletal
Module 09: EMG Hardware
Module 10: Musculoskeletal Intervention
Module 11: Cardiovascular
Module 12: Electrodermals
Module 13: Neurofeedback
Module 14: Cardiovascular Intervention
Module 15: Respiration
Module 16: Neuromuscular Intervention
Module 17: EEG Intervention
Module 18: Classical Conditioning

Anatomy Course Overview:

Chapter 01: Introduction to Anatomy &Physiology
Chapter 02: The Chemical Basis of Anatomy& Physiology
Chapter 03: Cells & Cell Physiology
Chapter 04: Tissues
Chapter 05: The Integumentary System
Chapter 06: Bones & Joints
Chapter 07: The Skeletal System
Chapter 08: Muscle Physiology
Chapter 09: The Muscles
Chapter 10: The Nervous System
Chapter 11: The Nervous System
Chapter 12: The Special Senses
Chapter 13: The Endocrine System
Chapter 14: The Blood
Chapter 15: The Cardiovascular System
Chapter 16: The Lymphatic & Immune Systems
Chapter 17: The Respiratory System
Chapter 18: The Digestive System
Chapter 19: Metabolism & Nutrition
Chapter 20: The Urinary System
Chapter 21: Fluid, Electrolyte, & Acid/Base Balance
Chapter 22: The Male Reproductive System
Chapter 23: The Female Reproductive System

Advanced Course Overview:

Chapter 01: Advanced Applications Training Programs
Chapter 02: Dental & TMJ Training Programs
Chapter 03: Darkfield Blood Analysis Training Programs
Chapter 04: Advanced Homotoxicology
Chapter 05: Degenerative Stress Training Program
Chapter 06: Supporting Immunity Training Program
Chapter 07: Allersode Hyper-Reactivity Training Program
Chapter 08: Age Related Declines Training Program
Chapter 09: Emotional Coaching Training Program
Chapter 10: Chinese Medicine Training Program
Chapter 11: Homeopathic Activation Training Program
Chapter 12: Workshop - Advanced
Chapter 13: Neurological Applications
Chapter 14: Specific Organ Investigation
Chapter 15: Quantum Communication


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